Funny Illustrations by Comical Concept

Funny Illustrations by Comical Concept

You’ve probably already seen the famous “Facebook* version of you vs. Realistic version of you” image floating around Facebook*, but I bet only a few of you checked out the website given in the watermark – Luckily, I always tend to check and investigate where all the fun things are coming from and it was really worth it this time!
“Comical Concept is about trying to convey a funny idea in a single piece of art. It is not intended to be a web comic in the traditional sense,” says Nathan Batson, the author of Comical Concept. The drawings are created in Adobe Illustrator, and according to the author “the style will always be vector art”.
Nathan currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. He started his career as a Flash developer but has branched out and now I build awesome websites with Flash, jQuery, Ruby on Rails and Html.
Here are some of our picks, but you should visit Comical Concept for more!
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