After Watching Big Sean’s Mom Read His Lyrics, We Want Her to Adopt Us

After Watching Big Sean’s Mom Read His Lyrics, We Want Her to Adopt Us

In the early days of rap and hip-hop, the rappers always politely sent words to our mothers — only it came out more like “word to ya’ mutha.” But really, if you listen to the lyrics of most rap songs, your mother is the last person you’d want to hear them.
And that’s where Jimmy Kimmel and Big Sean‘s mom come in.
In the most recent installment of his segment ‘Words From Your Mother,’ Kimmel had Sean’s maternal unit read lyrics from his song ‘Dance’ (A$$).’ Which she does, eloquently and adorably. The woman is the picture of taste and composure. In front of the picture of, well, ass.
Sorry (not sorry) you can’t stop laughing now.
And just for good measure, here’s a sweet snap of Sean and his mom that he posted to his Instagram* account a couple months ago. Honest to God, she’s cute as a kitten calendar.


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