Hilarious Look at the Everyday Life of Wookiees

Hilarious Look at the Everyday Life of Wookiees

Portland, Oregon-based photographer Mako Miyamoto (aka neon werewolf) playfully explores the everyday lives of Wookiees. The funny images feature the giant, hairy beasts as they kick back, relax, and have some fun. Each episode in his growing collection presents a different adventure, from the mundane and ordinary to the less mundane but still pretty standard activities.
Unlike Chewbacca, the woolly sidekick in the Star Wars franchise, these Wookiees aren't in the business of fighting Stormtroopers. With the exception of the few menacing crooks looking to rob a diner, these furry fellas are just looking to have a good time at the roller rink, celebrate a birthday with cake, have a rejuvenating yoga session, sit down for a delicious meal outdoors, re-enact their favorite karate moves on the beach, and even get in on the Hadoukening photo meme.


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