January Jones Is One Pissed Off Gunslinger In The New Movie Trailer

January Jones Is One Pissed Off Gunslinger In The New Movie Trailer

Invoking the mid-90s Old West GRRRRRRRL POWER of Bad Girls and The Quick and the Dead, January Jones is trying her steady hand as a widowed gunslinger in Sweetwater (AKA Sweet Vengeance, depending on which country you’re in). Jones plays a former prostitute named Sarah Ramirez, whose husband “disappears” after a psychotic and violent religious “prophet” shows up with a plan to mold new America in his own design.
In the new international trailer for Sweetwater, Jones’ hooker is also being hunted by an eccentric sheriff, played by a long-haired and flamboyant Ed Harris, while she dispatches her own vigilante justice during her Tarantino-lite mission of gun-fueled vengeance. She’s also topless, which is something I’m told people enjoy.
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