A Startling Look Inside California's Sex Doll Factory

A Startling Look Inside California's Sex Doll Factory

There’s two trains of thought when it comes to sex dolls, they are either consider an unnatural (and some would say disturbing) alternative to a sexual partner, others consider them a source of comfort, companionship and even therapy for some of the societies most maligned individuals.
But regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, real sex dolls just like any other commercial product (they cost around $6,000) are mass assembled along a factory line. That in itself, is somewhat of a dichotomy, knowing that an inanimate objected created in such a stark environment can then hold such influence and power within the human psyche.
Gifted photographer Zackary Canepari was equally interested in the mystery and appeal of the Real Doll phenomena. That interest took him to Abyss Creations in San Marcos, California where he was allowed he access to the factory where the ‘girls’ themselves are created.
His dark and brooding series ‘Love Machines’ uniquely captures a realm far removed from the inevitable suburban environments the dolls will finally call home. Through his lens & vision, he provides an evocative if disconcerting peak into an industry that is much about our most basic desires and needs, as it is about profit, enterprise and innovation.
Warning: Some of the following photos may be considered NSFW.
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