The Best Of 'Dexter's' Debra Morgan

The Best Of 'Dexter's' Debra Morgan

I think most of us, anyway, are on the same page with regard to the final season of Dexter : It's been a less than good season of a show that's been limping for quite some time. Charlotte Rampling's Dr. Vogel is somewhat compelling, but most of us are just hanging in there because we want to know: "Will Dexter die?" It's certainly pointing that way, and Dexter's exchange with Dr. Vogel this week about demonstrating selfless love through sacrifice provides further evidence.
But, man, what have they done to Debra Morgan? She's always had her neuroses, and for such a strong female character, she's always been TERRIBLE at choosing her boyfriends (and wanting to bone Dexter only makes matters worse), but this year, the downward spiral has taken a huge toll. She's not only a woman in love with her brother, she's now a murder, an alcoholic, a drug abuser, and a sex fiend.
I miss the Debra of old. She's still got the occasional decent profanity-lace line, but it's not the same. So, in honor of the old Debra, let's take a moment to appreciate the gems she's given us over seven and a half seasons of Dexter.

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