Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Had A Delightful ESPYs Talk (Not Really)

Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Had A Delightful ESPYs Talk (Not Really)

Shocking news that will shock you: The Late Late Show welcomed the most likable man in all of entertainment on the show last night to have a half-improv’d chat with our man Craig Ferguson and all the video evidence CBS has made available to the internet thus far is a ninety second context-less clip and nothing on YouTube. I’m pretty sure they’re just trolling me personally at this point.
Thankfully there are plenty (read: half dozen) of Ferguson fans on the internet fighting the good fight for the rest of us and uploading full interview segments at the best quality they can muster. It’s the mornings after appearances by the likes of Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis that we must thank them the most.

As alluded to in the title, the appearance of my other spirit guide not named Joel McHale is all sorts of delightful as Craig and Jon spend twelve minutes chatting and not focusing on anything in particular despite talking Jon Hamm’s ESPYs hosting gig just a little bit (holy sh*t does this mean I have to watch the ESPYs?). What it lacks in Galifianakis weirdness it makes up for in the Hamm-bone’s willingness to play along with everything and be the greatest. Ferguson — as always — brings his A game, derailing any sort of real talking point as soon as it presents itself.
Highlights include: Discussing India’s King Ralph, Mick Jagger and Larry King’s elementary school, a Jon Hamm history lesson on Druids, Jon Hamm’s award show host shortcomings, golf, hobbits, and milk delivery. Oh, and penis innuendo. Plenty of penis innuendo. Enjoy.
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