Here's A Stack Of Anti-American Propaganda From North Korea

Here's A Stack Of Anti-American Propaganda From North Korea

Every country in the world has a fair portion of its history steeped in bloodshed, war & a blatant disregard for human life – none of us are truly guilt free. But it’s one thing to document the history and shortcomings of a country and quite another to peddle political propaganda designed to drive a wedge between nations and fear amongst the population.
The more restrictive a government and the less information that flows, the less aware its people become. Once that starts occurring, it’s infinitely easier t0 set the agenda according to your own interests. That’s the sole aim with any form of propaganda, cherry pick information designed influence an audience in an emotional rather than rational manner.
Currently few do that better than North Korea – a country equally as secretive as it is restrictive. They’re not huge fans of the United States but then, why would you be if you’d been bombard constantly with these grizzly and gruesome images?
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NikitaSherbakov 7 years prev
а сами вы, американцы, больше всех ведете информационную войну

На что жалуетесь?