Louis C.K. Says 'F*ck Rolling Stone' On 'The Daily Show'

Louis C.K. Says 'F*ck Rolling Stone' On 'The Daily Show'

Louis C.K. on The Daily Show is usually a treat mostly due to Louis and John Stewart’s great chemistry. So when I found out that Louis would be on the show with John Oliver it was sort of a letdown. Oliver, though, held his own and had a really funny excchange with Louis, complete with a punchline for the ages.
C.K. was on the show to discuss his role in the new Woody Allen flick, Blue Jasmine, which he hadn’t even seen yet at the time of the interview. So it was pretty funny to hear him speculate about how good the movie would be if he had actually seen it.
The kicker, though, comes at the end. Oliver asks Louis about a quote from Rolling Stone and his response is pretty great: ”They put that kid on the cover that blew up Boston so f*ck them.”

Who cares if you agree with the controversial decision to put the alleged Boston bomber on the cover or not. You have to at least respect Louis’ ability to say pretty much everything he needs to say in one biting sentence. Enjoy…
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