15 Wonderful Helen Mirren GIFs Because Helen Mirren Is Wonderful

15 Wonderful Helen Mirren GIFs Because Helen Mirren Is Wonderful


RED 2 premiered this week, and while I don't share Burnsy's level of enthusiasm, I do love me some Helen Mirren. And seeing as how on summer Fridays I only require the slightest shred of a reason to put a GIF collection together here we are paying animated tribute to my favorite Dame. Or "Liz Lemon's Lady Wizard" as she's known in my circles. Pro tip someone told me about that I haven't verified myself: You'll find lots more 20th century Helen Mirren GIFs by doing a something search, no filter. But before then, let's take a moment to remember that she awesomely pretend shoots people and occasionally makes out with Paul Rudd.

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