Celebrate The Flash's New TV Series With GIFs

Celebrate The Flash's New TV Series With GIFs


Remember when they made a TV show of The Flash? They're trying again, thanks to the success of Arrow. So we're celebrating with a few GIFs. The new series will, oddly, be tied to Arrow; we'll meet Barry Allen sometime next season and he'll be getting his spinoff late in 2014. It's been noted that TV makes sense for DC to bring characters to the screen, not least because it's cheaper to make a failed pilot than it is to make something like Green Lantern, which barely made more than its budget. Also, Arrow was one of the few freshman shows to actually survive the 2012 season and one of the few hits the CW has, so essentially, the CW would approve Ambush Bug at this point. It also raises a few questions since apparently there are hints Warner Brothers plans to bring Ollie and the Flash to film in the future. So does that mean Man of Steel happened in the Arrow universe? Does this mean all the in-jokes the show has been dropping, and there are a hell of a lot of them just in the first season, will actually have more relevance? These are questions only Warner Bros. can answer, of course, and it's possible even they might not know. But hey, more Flash! Let's celebrate with GIFs!

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