French Street Artist Loves To Hijacks Street Signs

French Street Artist Loves To Hijacks Street Signs

He’s been labeled by the French authorities as a vandal, even so far as being fined €400 for his actions. But that hasn’t deterred French artist Clet Abraham from prowling the streets of Europe adding his own irreverent twist to traffic signs for the past 2 years.
How does is he able to do it? In the depths of the night, a friend gives him a leg up and he quickly plasters the stickers onto the sign before vanishing without a trace into the shadows. Europe’s weary commuters and pedestrians then wake up to his wonderfully inventive work the following morning.
His humorous and subversive designs certainly makes the roads and alleyways of Europe a lot more interesting don’t you think? Let’s keep it that way, if you have happen to catch him in the act, turn a blind eye will you?
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