Anchor Begins Newscast By Saying She Sounds Drunk

Anchor Begins Newscast By Saying She Sounds Drunk

The thing that we want the most from our newscasters is for them to always tell the truth — no positive spins, no bullsh*t, no outright lies, just the facts. That’s why Kerryn Johnston, an Australian anchor for WIN News, deserves to sweep the Truthies later this year, given out to only the most truthy trustworthy truth-tellers in the land.
On Wednesday, she begin a news rehearsal with, “Good evening. Tonight, I’m going to sound like a drunk.” Of course, this would-be blooper was accidentally broadcast on air, but hey, at least she was accurate, not covering up her fake indiscretions with sinful fibs. Somewhere, Aaron Sorkin has a massive erection. This is his porn.
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