Watch The Unseen 'The Office' Audition Tapes With Seth Rogen

Watch The Unseen 'The Office' Audition Tapes With Seth Rogen

We already knew about some of the people who, in 2003, originally auditioned for various characters on NBC’s The Office — such as Alan Tudyk for Michael Scott, Mary Lynn Rajskub for Pam, and Hamish Linklater for Jim — but now we’re not only finding out a few others that tried out for roles, but we’re getting to see the audition tapes for the first time. The below reel comes from the bonus features on season nine of The Office, which comes out in September. Included in the highlight reel are Adam Scott trying out for Dwight’s character, Bob Odenkirk trying out for Michael Scott, Adam Scott and John Cho trying out for Jim’s character, and Kathryn Hahn — looking good — trying out for Pam Beesley.
Honestly, the others wouldn’t have suited the series, but I love idea of Hahn as Pam. She makes me happy in my happy places.
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