10 Funny Scenes From Serious TV Dramas: Breaking Bad

10 Funny Scenes From Serious TV Dramas: Breaking Bad

"OK, so, I've got this idea for a show. Breaking Bad. It's about a man named Walter White. He's a chemistry teacher who has cancer and oh yeah, he's played by the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. Anyway, cancer. His former co-workers offer to pay for his medical bills, but he refuses and instead makes ice-blue meth in New Mexico in an RV with a slacker, drug-addicted student of his. Cancer, chemistry, meth, what am I missing? That's right: Walter becomes more and more evil, killing people who get in his way, and becoming a monster at home to his wife, who's looking out for the well being of their teenage kid with cerebral palsy. But don't worry: it's going to be hilarious."
I don't know how Vince Gilligan pitched Breaking Bad to AMC, but thank god he did, and thank Heisenberg they picked it up. Many consider it to be the greatest TV drama of all-time, or at least in the top-three with The Wire and The Sopranos, but that's not giving it nearly enough comedic credit. Breaking Bad is really, really funny, funnier than most actual sitcoms. With the premiere right around the corner (in case you hadn't heard), let's take a look at some of the funniest moments from 10 SERIOUS TV DRAMAS, including Breaking Bad.
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