Arizona Man Using Humor To Find Woman Who Stole His Amazon Package

Arizona Man Using Humor To Find Woman Who Stole His Amazon Package

Phoenix resident Tim Lake travels a lot, so he very wisely installed some security cameras around his house to keep an eye on things for him when he’s out and about. The seemingly-paranoid tactic paid off recently, when Lake’s phone received a screen shot of a random woman at his door, and he realized that the bumbling blonde was actually stealing his Amazon package in broad daylight.
While a lot of people might be pretty pissed that some woman would just jack their stuff like this, Lake is having a pretty darn good time trying to track down the culprit and humiliating her in the process. In an interview with Phoenix’s KPHO news, Lake pretended to cry over his stolen square ice cube tray, as he compared her appearance in the security footage to Dog the Bounty Hunter, before he read the hilarious flyer that he posted throughout his neighborhood.
Oh, and of course he quoted Liam Neeson from Taken, because Tim Lake is awesome.
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