Unfortunate & Stupid Chinese Tattoos That Make No Sense

Unfortunate & Stupid Chinese Tattoos That Make No Sense

One of the key considerations in getting a tattoo, besides your motive and its symbolism is how it looks on your body. Both Arabic and more importantly Chinese characters are beautiful examples of typography, so it’s not that surprisingly that millions of people around the world choose to ink themselves with sequences of each.
The trouble comes when you start using words in the wrong context.
If you’re Russian and you get “BAG OF CHIPS” tattooed on your arm, simply because you like the way it looks, you can be sure that anyone who reads English will laugh at you incessantly and constantly ask you “Were you drunk when you got that?”
Which brings us nicely onto the following collection of Chinese character tattoos. As aesthetically pleasing as they may be, to anyone who is able to read Chinese they are completely and utterly non-sensical. Take a walk around your local Chinatown and you can expect a serious case of WTF. So our advice, next time you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, go beyond the surface and make an effort to find out the context of what it means.
If not, you could end up like these unfortunate souls….
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