Domino's Apologizes After Customer Compliments Their Pizza

Domino's Apologizes After Customer Compliments Their Pizza

Does Domino’s suffer from low self-esteem? It would seem so, if the Facebook* posting below that has been going around the Web is any indication.
It seems that a customer who actually purchased and enjoyed one of Domino’s lukewarm bread and cheese creations decided to, as everyone does once they’ve consumed foodstuffs nowadays, register their enjoyment on Facebook*.
The customer in question posted a missive about her love for Domino’s pan pizza on the company’s Facebook* page which, if the kneejerk apology above is any indication, seems to be used solely to field consumer complaints.
Does Domino’s have a spambot ready to reply to any messages, tags or likes with a swift apology for the gastrointestinal distress their product no doubt caused? After years of people calling their pizza “hot circles of garbage,” are they like an abused child who responds to anything — be it a compliment or a criticism — with beaten down remorse?
That said, we don’t feel sorry for Domino’s. If anything, this is a good start. The fast food chain has done a few other things over the years that they should apologize for. Here are five things we’d like the Dominos ApologyBot5000 to answer for.
1. Recycling the same dough and cheese they use for pizza for everything from Cheesy Bread to those volcano shaped mounds of noodles and goo they call Pasta Bowls.
2. Releasing those ads a while back where they admitted their pizza is terrible and needed to be changed. You were fine serving slop for decades and we were fine with guiltily devouring it in college when we were hungover and couldn’t be bothered to walk down to the cafeteria for a bagel. That was the agreement, Domino’s.
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