How to Use Your Right Hand To Make Others Think You Have a Girlfriend

How to Use Your Right Hand To Make Others Think You Have a Girlfriend

If you feel bad about being being single and not having a girlfriend, Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi has a quick fix for you! The young artist, who studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, shows how to use your own palm and Instagram* to make the impression that you have a wonderful girlfriend.
To get the heartwarming selfies, Keisuke first bleached his right hand with a lot of light makeup. To make the illusion more convincing, he then applied red nail polish and put on a scrunchie. The final step was capturing a selfie with an Instagram*-like filter that made everything look really genuine.
Voilà! This is how you can make a very caring girlfriend that would not only feed you, but also wipe the ketchup from the corners of your mouth.


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