'Avengers'-Themed Sex Toys Make Perfect Present

'Avengers'-Themed Sex Toys Make Perfect Present

It's a question that's stumped mankind for decades, right up there with the whereabouts of the Lindbergh baby and what's the deal with nunchuks (they're not nuns, they're not chucks — what are they?!?): just how big is the Hulk's...y'know? Is it proportional to his Bruce Banner body, or his engorged Hulk one? This is important.
Thanks to Tumblr user Sarmai, though, we now have a better idea what it might look like. He designed a line of sex toys for six of the Avengers, including Iron Man and Black Widow, ranging from vibrators to simulators to a Hulk-colored dildo. (That one's pretty NSFW, so you'll have to check it out at the source.) There's no Black Panther, but that's only because he didn't want to embarrass the oh-so-white Captain America...yet.
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