20 Hilarious Cooking Fails That Will Make You Feel Like an Iron Chef

20 Hilarious Cooking Fails That Will Make You Feel Like an Iron Chef

There must be a particular star alignment in the sky that sometimes makes us want to whip of something exclusive in the kitchen – and hope that all, in fact, is going to go well! And to meet this urgent surge of inspiration, we have endless Pinterest resources, giving us just the most beautiful and, more importantly, simple looking food ideas. After we’re lured into believing that these amazing looking dishes are effortlessly made in just 3 or 4 steps – that’s where all the fun begins.
It doesn’t take long till you realize that the final plates that you saw on Pinterest were probably made by someone who had been working on this recipe for a while. Or had a professional photographer with good Photoshop skills take the picture. While cooking fails may bring some people down, others have learned to laugh at themselves by sharing their pictures online. Even though disastrous at the time, you have to admit, it’s actually pretty funny to see other people fail!
Here we have a selection of some of the funniest cooking fails ever!


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