Whether or not To Respond to Kendrick Lamar After Verse in "Control"

Whether or not To Respond to Kendrick Lamar After Verse in "Control"

Before you start writing your own "Control" response, let's consult this flowchart
By now you're definitely aware of Kendrick's "verse heard 'round the world." Throughout the week, we've seen a steady stream of responses, some from rappers we expected and some from those we didn't. And with bars as passionate as Kendrick's, it's easy to see how some could get caught up in the whirlwind and want to jump in the middle of the action. Hell, you yourself might even feel the need to get on the mic. BUT HOLD ON THERE. Before you do, Buzzfeed has made this chart in order for you to really see if that's necessary. So take a breath, consult the graph and basically—unless your name is Justin Bieber—proceed to the studio.
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