Patton Oswalt Trolled Twitter With Two-Part Political Tweets

Patton Oswalt Trolled Twitter With Two-Part Political Tweets (23 photo)

It's almost unfair how good Patton Oswalt is at Twitter. I mean, he's good at most things (that talented jerk), from delivering Star Wars-inspired filibusters to packing Go Bags, but he's ESPECIALLY good at Twitter. A little over a month after shaming Salon, Oswalt spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon trolling his quick to react Followers, with a number of tweets that look damning...until you read them in context. For instance, the tweet you see above, about Hitler rightfully killing off the Jews — that looks pretty bad, until you realize it comes after, "Oh, you think repealing voting laws in the south is justified, you racist asshole? I suppose you ALSO believe that..."
A typical reply: "How is it racist to only want U.S. citizens to be able to vote for people who will represent U.S. citizens?" Fantastic. Read the rest below, and make sure to check out the responses, too.

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