'Star Drunk' Proves All Sci-Fi Franchises Need More Booze (VIDEO)

'Star Drunk' Proves All Sci-Fi Franchises Need More Booze (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to see a sci-fi short film written and performed by drunk people? Well, that’s probably half of all films, but Star Drunk did it intentionally. Of course this happened in Portland.

Star Drunk is an experiment in writing a short film while drunk; several writers from Portland got together one night to write the script. We promised each other that whatever we wrote that night, we’d produce as a short film. We ended up creating a Star Trek-Star Wars-Battlestar Galactica’esque parody with laser gun fights and space battles. Taking the concept a step further (and stranger), we asked our cast to be drunk on the night of filming. [ChrisRWilsonFilm]
Those actors include Greg James, Adam Elliot Davis, Kyle Smith, Britt Harris, Alexander Fraser, and Bethany Jacobs (pictured above) doing an impression of Carol Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness.
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