Animal Panties With Ears

Animal Panties With Ears

This is a collection of adorable panties with animal faces on the bum bum plus some BONUS ear flaps. The cutesy drawls come from Etsy shop Knickerocker and pairs start at $35 and go up from there. They’ve even got little crop tops to match each panty. Cuuute. I want the one that looks like a bear. You know, so I can still be bear assed. Then, I can be all “Hey which one of y’all wants to see my BEAR ASS?” and they’ll all think I mean “bare ass” and say “Dear God no! Take all my money, but please don’t show me your bare ass!” Man, it’ll be really funny. Sure, this whole situation is only going to end with my feelings getting hurt, but I guess I kind of asked for it.


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