Avril Lavigne Fights BearShark in 'Rock N Roll' Video

Avril Lavigne Fights BearShark in 'Rock N Roll' Video

When was the last time you thought about Avril Lavigne? 2003? Oh. Well, get ready to flashback to a time when you cared about her particular brand of punk pop, because her new video for ‘Rock N Roll’ features two of the internet’s favorite things — grown-up ’80s TV stars and BearShark.
Avril debuted her video for ‘Rock N Roll’ recently to little fanfare. (Let’s be honest, the song’s a little…basic.) But slowly, people started to realize three things:
1. Billy Zane’s in it, playing some sort of action hero in a post-apocalyptic Russ Meyer-meets-’Tank Girl’ style future that is plagued by shark attacks. (How 2013!)
2. Avril makes out with her costar Danica McKellar, aka Winnie from ‘The Wonder Years.’ She even does a Kevin Arnold-style voiceover when they lock lips.
3. Billy Zane is in it. Also, BearShark, whom Avril takes down with a razor-sharp electric guitar while Billy Zane watches on a Segway.
Basically, it’s the greatest Avril Lavigne video since…ever? Okay, now you may go back to never thinking about Avril Lavigne again.
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