Watch Bill Hader's Impression Of James Franco At His Roast

Watch Bill Hader's Impression Of James Franco At His Roast

Bill Hader sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night and pretty much never got up, doing an extended interview and then playing sidekick during a Richard Simmons visit. It was all great and if you’re the Hader fans we are you should watch every second. There’s getting stranded in Martha’s Vineyard at Seth Meyers’s wedding, people having sex during He Got Game, and geeking out on famous directors during “Laser Cats.”
But most importantly and hilariously of all there’s Hader describing the scene at James Franco’s Comedy Central Roast and how he goes way back with James. That starts at the 1:45 mark above in Part 3 of the interview but gets top billing because it’s perfect.
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