Job Applicants Think the World Is Ending, Scares The Hell Out of Them

Job Applicants Think the World Is Ending, Scares The Hell Out of Them

magine coming in for a job interview, bright and ready to prove yourself and earn a living, when things take a turn for the worst and a meteor destroys your city. Bummer.
While we do hope that no such thing happens anywhere any time soon, an advertisement stunt set up by LG in Chile has shown just how funny it can be when the people coming for an interview have no idea that the meteor they are seeing outside is actually a fake. The job applicants all sit down for an interview in an office where LG‘s new HDTV is set up to look like a window out onto the city. Hidden cameras capture their reactions as a meteor slowly enters the “window’s” field of view and impacts the city’s center. When the interviewees panic, the interviewer runs out of the room, leaving the applicants to scramble about in the dark while they are observed with night-vision cameras.
Although some suspect the interviewees of being actors, it’s still an interesting way of marketing one’s product. What do you think? Is it a fun prank, or distasteful terrorization?


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