Breaking Bad Re-Cut As A Romantic Comedy Between Walt And Jesse

Breaking Bad Re-Cut As A Romantic Comedy Between Walt And Jesse

Is this the best serious TV drama re-cut into a man-on-man romantic comedy YouTube video I’ve ever seen? No. No it’s not. I’m pretty sure there was one that involved Jack and Sawyer with some sort of Romancing the Stone element to it. Can’t remember all the details at the moment.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that while this “Breaking Bad as a Romantic Comedy” mashup is far from internet perfection, it does make for some decent lighthearted Friday afternoon fodder as we all anxiously await the next installment of Breaking Bad’s final episodes.
So enjoy it for what it’s worth. Especially you, .fun fans. And at the very least it did remind me of my all-time favorite Breaking Development Tumblr post…
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