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Let's Watch 20 Minutes Of 'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 Bloopers

Let's Watch 20 Minutes Of 'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 Bloopers (1 photo + 5 video)


If there were an Emmy category for gag reels, Parks and Recreation would sweep every year, with Chris Pratt taking home a trophy for Best Male…Blooperer*?. And season five’s gag reel is yet another excellent addition into the Parks and Rec gag reel pantheon.
Some favorites include:
– Chris Pratt turning an ice cream cone into a disturbingly realistic approximation of a fleshlight.
– Jason Manzoukas as Dennis Feinstein informing Ben that a perfume is called “Insert” because it’s been inside someone.
– Adam Scott getting slapped clear across the face.
– Jenny Slate feeling gassy.
– Nick Offerman’s delightful, cherub-like laugh.
Not for nothing, either, but it’s nice to know that when Aubrey Plaza is going off-script, the first place she tends to go to is overtly sexual.
Stick around to the end for a killer line from Rob Lowe even though nothing…nothing can beat Pratt’s Kim Kardashian joke from last year’s gag reel.

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