Lady Gaga Performs Applause (OZ Style) On GMA

Lady Gaga Performs Applause (OZ Style) On GMA  (1 video)

Readers of LOLJam, and fans of Lady Gaga: did you think that I wasn't going to be on this story today? I hope by now you've realized how much time I invest on a daily basis on this woman (because honestly, it's quite ridiculous). Today, she performed a new installment of her new single 'Applause' on Good Morning America, and yes, it was indeed very Gaga-esque. In this particular performance, she had her faithful companion Fozzie with her playing as "todo" from the Wizard of Oz. Like always, you have to wait for the jaw dropper moment (or at least, everytime for me there is that =O face moment that I make). With out giving too much away, I'll just quote one of her songs:

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