If Presidential Candidates Went to a Stereotypical High School от Kaye за 22 oct 2012

If Presidential Candidates Went to a Stereotypical High School от Kaye за 22 oct 2012 (4 photo)



A common quip that your average intelligent high school outcast might make is “it terrifies me that my classmates will be running the country one day.” And it’s true. One doofus who is borededly sitting in algebra and doodling right now will one day be the leader of the free world, with access to the launch codes and the probably amazing White House Chef. We all hope that they’ll one day grow out of Doofus Disorder, but that is not a given.

One Vice-Presidential candidate showed his inclination towards the sophomoric when he posed for a series of photos that look like they belong in some kind of Log Cabin Tiger Beat magazine.

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