Anxious Nation Awaits Presidential Vote

Anxious Nation Awaits Presidential Vote



The 2012 presidential election in its last hours circled in around Ohio, and Virginia, two states that are virtual must-wins for Mitt Romney and which both presidential campaigns believe remain exceedingly close.

Amid hundreds of paths to victory for both candidates, it is these two states that earned special attention on Tuesday from the candidates. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Joe Biden all campaigned in the Cleveland, Ohio area on Tuesday, with the Republican ticket breaking off to stump in Virginia and Pennsylvania as well.

“I’m looking forward to the results. And I expect that we’ll have a good night,” Obama said on Tuesday morning during a stop at a Chicago office, where he congratulated Mitt Romney on a “spirited campaign.”


Edit: Romney is up 10 points in the electoral college with 155 to Obama's 144

You can stay up to date with the election at the Huffington Post or watch live on YouTube


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