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24 ct Gold + iPhone 5 = Gold Dreams от mick за 09 nov 2012

24 ct Gold + iPhone 5 = Gold Dreams от mick за 09 nov 2012 (4 photo)


Geneva-based luxury brand Golden Dreams, has recently unveiled a collection of two limited edition iPhone 5s, the Gold Edition 24 carat and the Desert. The Desert Edition is the first iPhone 5 in the world to be covered in leather, boasting a Mississippi Alligator back. In order for the iPhone’s back to be perfectly realigned with the front, the manufacturer had to use microengineering sourcing from Switzerland. The phone now comes in various colors of leather, alongside a 24 carat gold plated or black chrome rim. The Gold Edition 24 ct is much more exquisite, brandishing a shiny mirror back, available in black or white with 24 carat gold plating. This is one hell of a combination between high-end Swiss manufacture and ultimate gadgetry designed by Apple.


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