Glamorous Marisa Tomei Pictures

Glamorous Marisa Tomei Pictures


One of the most gracefully aging actresses working today Marisa Tomei is an American celebrity known all over the world for her unusual good looks and great sense of style. When you look at Marisa Tomei in her different moods the first thing you notice is that she has a very real face. The folds beside her eyes are real, as is the sparkle in her eyes. She is no plastic beauty, and when she laughs her eyes crinkle up in easy smiles. Many pictures of this actress show her with her smiling, very pretty eyes. She also has a pointed chin that gives a cute look to her face. Her wavy dark hair is full of life, and she wears it sometimes loose and flowing, and sometimes up in an elegant hairdo. On formal evenings you can see her in bold and beautiful gowns that show off her lovely curves. Whether she is relaxed on a red sofa that breathes pure passion, or she bares her sexy legs wearing just an oversized cardigan, or she shows off a stunning silver neckpiece on her long neck, Marisa wears everything with style. You can see her with her hair styled to fall elegantly over one shoulder in many pictures. Sometimes she colors her hair a pale blonde or a rich auburn depending on the occasion. Here’s a look at some hot and happening pictures of this cute American actress.


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