These States are Petitioning to Secede

These States are Petitioning to Secede (7 photo)


Since Obama's victory last week, a few Southern states are really riled up. Some individuals are going so far as to say that they don't want a "n***er" in the White House, while others are going even farther and creating petitions for their states to secede. The Texas petition was the first, and most detailed, listing complaints such as the Transportation Security Administration and the National Defense Authorization Act, which petitioners called "blatant abuses" of their rights. According to the White House website, if any petition garners 25,000 signatories, the administration will respond. Previous petitions have asked the U.S. government to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials and to reveal the White House beer recipe, along with countless others dealing with the legalization of marijuana. Here's a look at some of those petitions.

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