Kickin' it with the Astronauts.

Kickin' it with the Astronauts.

Ben Cooper literally gets to kick it with the homies from space!
He’s allowed to go onto the flight deck of some of the most famous spacecraft in the world and capture the labyrinthine, buttons, dials & switches astronauts have to adjust whilst floating high above our planet.
There’s a myriad of options and possibilities when it comes to commanding and flying one of these ships – but to get a rare glimpse inside the inner workings of such spacecraft such as the Atlantis, Discovery and of course the Endeavour is truly remarkable. Imagine the most complex controls you’ve even seen for a video game or flight simulator and multiply that by a thousand.
Thankfully Ben has made prints of his work available for purchase, so you can now compliment any posters you have of spacecraft with a detailed and genuine look at their inner workings as well.
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