Gun Control? Gun Safety

Gun Control? Gun Safety (12 photo)


Everyone is yet again talking about gun. Guns, guns, guns. It started with the Movie theater shooting at the premier of 'The Dark Knight Rises', with that motha fucka who thought he was Joker. Then a twenty two year old shooter goes bonkers and shoots up a mall with Chrismas shoopers, just because he didn't get an iPad for Christmas last year. Now, more recently, a shooting at an elementary school, the shooter shot himself, his mom, and a bunch of kids. WTF!?

This is America, we all love our guns; in fact our country was bascially founded by people of the Militia. Today, things are a bit more complicated. 

Here are some thoughts of my own, in light of the more recent tragedies: Why are they always the white kids?!

.....[except for the two random asian dudes, but no one cares about them anyways]

Seriously, what happened to these kids' parents? Too much Grand Theft Auto white boys. 

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