Last Royal Wedding of the Year!

Last Royal Wedding of the Year!

Archduke of Austria Christoph of Habsbourg-Lorraine married Archduchess Adelaide Drape-Frisch on Dec. 29, making her the newest Archduchess of Austria.
24-year-old Christoph is the son of Archduke Karl Christian of Habsbourg-Lorraine and Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg, daughter of Grand Duke Jean I of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium. In other words, Christoph is super royal.
Adelaide, on the other hand, is not: she's the daughter of Philippe Drapé-Frisch, a French diplomat who moved his family across Europe throughout her childhood.
The 22-year-old student met her fiance at Jeunesse Lumière, a Catholic school where the pair spent a gap year between high school and college.
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