The Sexiest Human Being Known to Humanity.

The Sexiest Human Being Known to Humanity.


Don't worry! I swear I will include actual facts and information!

Also! As a heads up, this post is absolutely and completely biased in my perspective and is meant only for entertainment. 

Aside from her ephemeral fashion onslaughts, there are a bunch of reasons why Lady Gaga is quite possibly the most attractive human being, as well as one of the most caring, creative and intelligent people in the pop music buisness. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not the biggest fan of pop, and anyone around me can confirm that, but for some reason, an unknown reason and a bewildering one, this human being in particular, connects with me through her music. Weird right? I know, trust me, it is, I think about it all the time. So I start thinking, why do I and millions of other Gaga fans that call themselves 'little monsters' (I refuse to call myself a little monster even though I am a HUGE fan) love this woman so? Let me list a couple reasons:

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