It Was Because of Bullying

It Was Because of Bullying

Science teacher Ryan Heber is the hero of Taft Union High School in California. Mr. Heber confronted the angry teenager after having shot & wounded his classmate and long time bully. It is because of this conversation that the 16 year old put down the gun and surrendered, allowing 28 other students to escape what could have been another American massacre.
"I don't want to shoot you," the teen gunman told Heber, who then proceded to convince the youngster to put down the high powered shot gun.
Besides the bully who is now undergoing surgery, two other students received minor injuries. One suffered hearing loss and the other fell over a table during the rushed evacuation.
Police say that the teen, whose name has not been made public because he is a minor, began plotting on Wednesday night to kill two students he felt had bullied him.
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