Amber Alert in Philadelphia: Child Found Alone at 4:40am

Amber Alert in Philadelphia: Child Found Alone at 4:40am

5 year old Neilla Robinson was abducted from school by a woman claiming to be her mother. Fortunately, she was discovered at 4:40am the next day by a passerby at a local playground to whom little Neilla, dressed in only a t-shirt, said she had been "stolen."
She is currently being checked out for traces of any sexual assault, but sources are saying that she seems to be alright.
The girl was taken from her own school, William C. Bryant School, in west Philadelphia. Authorities have released a surveillance video showing a woman wearing a full-length, black Muslim garment, her face covered by a black veil, taking the girl out of the school. Apparently school policies were not followed, as the false mother picked up the child from her classroom, instead of waiting for her at the main office.
So, is it the school's fault?
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