U.S. Military Veteran Suffering From PTSD Might Be Facing Death Penalty For Shooting 2 Men.

U.S. Military Veteran Suffering From PTSD Might Be Facing Death Penalty For Shooting 2 Men.


On Saturday, February 2nd 2013 a former marine Eddie Lee Routh, shot Chris Kyle an Ex-U.S. Nave Seal, author of the "American Sniper," and co-founder of the FITCO Cares Foundation (it helps veterans recover from emotional and physical injuries) who was contacted by Routh's mother to help her son recover from PTSD, as well as Kyle's friend, Chad Littlefield, at a shooting range near Forth Worth Texas. Due to this incident there's a renewed focus on the psychological war wounds. Army Secretary John McHugh has ordered Army officials to lay out detailed plans by February 15 to boost soldiers' "physical, emotional and psychological resilience." "Interventions are not coming as soon as I would like to see them," McHugh told reporters.


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