"No African-American nurse to take care of this baby." Is This Still Going On Today?!

"No African-American nurse to take care of this baby." Is This Still Going On Today?!


Tonya Battle, an African American nurse who has worked at the Hurley Medical Center in Michigan for 25 years, was approached by a white man, who showed her his swastica tattoo and asked to speak to her supervisor, after which he told her that he didn't want black people near his child. The worst part of this is that the hospital has honored the fathers request and even put a note on the nursing clipboard saying "No African-American nurse to take care of this baby". Eventually the note was removed by a hospital lawyer, but Battle was obviously very offended at this incident, and is suing for emotional distress and negative impact on her reputation. Wow, It's unbelievable that this kind of stuff still happens today.

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