Raging Snow Storm Slams the Midwest States

Raging Snow Storm Slams the Midwest States


 Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow...ok ..umm ...enough..umm .....ok let it slow a bit ...ugrhhhh ....geezzee stop ittt!!! Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed as the raging wind whipped through the midwest on thursday covering ground with more than a foot of snow. Highways look like a mess, cars sliding of the roads and getting stuck in ditches. The governors of Missouri and Kansas declared emergencies in their states, schools are closed, flights delayed... etc etc etc. reports:

"Many businesses, schools and universities closed, and city and state officials urged people to stay off the roads. The frigid temperatures — wind chills in the single digits — and wind gusts around 30 miles per hour produced a stinging, blinding, icy snow.

At least one death has been attributed to the storm, which began early Wednesday in some areas — a two-car crash Wednesday that killed a 19-year-old woman in southeast Nebraska."

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