People Get Pissed Off When There's Just Too Much French Fries

People Get Pissed Off When There's Just Too Much French Fries


A very large order of french fries in Korea has caused anger on the internet as well as the McDonald's restaurant where the incident has occured. These kids were either very hungry or simply looking to cause some chaos, and ordered $250 worth of french fries. They soon got kicked out of the restaurant by one of the fed-up workers who told them: "Stop causing trouble, you brats! Get out of here!"

Whatever happened to treating your customer with respect and 'the customer is always right' attitude?. Guess everyone has a limit, and even the internet seemed to support the restaurant in this regard: "I'd cry if this happened in my local store." and "Report this to McDonald's headquarters! Upload those kids' pictures online!" and "Those kids seriously need to leave. How annoying!"

Perhaps there was a deeper purpose to the kids' actions besides simply irritating McDonald's workers and the public. McDonald's french fries has been very low in price, a large-size order costs only $1.63. Although unlikely, perhaps these incidents might trigger McDonalds to raise the price of their fries, thus making it less affordable and lowering its demand. Considering how unhealthy this fast-food snack is, it might not be a negative thing to support making it less affordable to the general public. 


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