New Punishments for Kids Who Break Curfew

New Punishments for Kids Who Break Curfew

The latest parental public shaming technique is also the most narcissistic one we’ve ever encountered.
After his daughter broke curfew, a father forced the teenage girl to wear a t-shirt baring his image for a week at school. Under the photo of his giant mug were the words “Try Me!!”
Apparently the girl also had to wash the shirt every day so it was fresh for school the next morning.
The punishment came to light when a photo of dad and his special-shirt wearing daughter was posted to Reddit. “What my friend made his daughter wear to school for a week as punishment for coming home past curfew. Parenting win?,” the poster wondered.
Reddit seemed split on the punishment’s effectiveness.
What do you think? Is it a parenting win, or is somebody just a little too in love with his own face? We’re hoping that in a couple years from now she starts wearing the shirt ironically.
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