LOLJam Contest: How Many People can you make LOL?

LOLJam Contest: How Many People can you make LOL?


How many LOL’s can you get?

Right now, you are probably sitting at home, creating, writing, and making something hilarious. Chances are that you are also probably waiting for something to fall out of the sky and land on your lap.

Hi there! LOLJam is here to the rescue. We want you, like dogs want peanut butter. Except we are actually interested in you and your content, and if other people like it too, we’ll give you fifty dollars! So here’s the deal: if you are sitting on something hilarious, send it over to us, we’ll make it a special post on our site, and the person who gets the most likes and comments will win the grand prize of $50.00. Send us all your funny, interesting, or creative pictures or videos with an interesting story. We’ll put you up, and let the games begin.

Get all your friends to like your posts!


Prize: $50 for the one who gets the most likes

Where to send:

What is NOT going on the site: nudity, vulgarity, strong language, or anything that rates higher than PG13. Above all else, it has to be funny, shocking, catchy, unique or interesting. All else will be scrapped.

Who can post: anyone with a funny story.

When: Starting March 4, 2013. Contest will run for 5 days.

Why: Because we like to amuse people on LOLJam and we want you to do the same thing.


Ready, Set, GO!

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