Vodianova Runs Marathon and then Struts the Catwalk for Paris Fashion Week

Vodianova Runs Marathon and then Struts the Catwalk for Paris Fashion Week


Natalia Vodianova was an inspiration to all career-driven, health-conscious people, balancing her fashion week with running a half-marathon on a Sunday morning and walking in a Givenchy fashion show in the evening of the same day.

Vodianova says partaking in the 13.1 mile marathon has been an annual habbit of hers, being the fourth one she has run in a row. In fact, the mother of three never trains. Her boyfriend Antoine Arnault, the son of Louis Vuitton MH owner Bernard Arnault, testified on twitter that the supermodel did, in fact, not train at all before the marathon, and prepared only by eating ice cream and "good french food".

Vodianova takes part to not only show off her extreme endurance, but mainly to raise money for her charity - the Naked Heart Foundation, which constructs playgrounds in Russia. After the marathon, the model took her grandmother, Larisa, who is also her "fashion icon" to watch her model in the fashion show.


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