Children Are Sentenced To Death In Yemen.

Children Are Sentenced To Death In Yemen.


Priyanka Motaparthy is a children’s rights researcher and co-author of “Look at Us With a Merciful Eye,” that has been enolved in research of Yemen's underage offender executions, with some other members. She writes that they've studied 22 cases of alleged child offenders on death row, many of which have exhausted all forms of appeal, in prisons across Yemen. Yemen’s 1994 penal code bans execution of child offenders as does the international law of which Yemen is a part of but executions of teens under 18 continue in Yemen on a regular basis. The government has executed 15 children in the past five years. One such case was Hind al-Barti a child offender who was convicted of murder at 15 and executed without warning by a government firing squad 9 months later. Juvenile executions happen in four countries around the world, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Hopefully there are enough people who are fighting to prevent these atrocities.

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